British Veterinary Receptionist Association rings the changes 0 (0)

5th February 2023 Wendy Nevins 0

Kay Watson-Bray, CEO of the British Veterinary Receptionist Association (BVRA), has announced exciting plans for 2023 with a new learning LMS and website, new CPD, […]

RCVS Academy launches new Leadership vs management course 0 (0)

4th February 2023 Wendy Nevins 0

The RCVS Academy, a free, digital learning platform for the veterinary professions, has launched a new leadership vs management course, designed to help learners understand the […]

RCVS Mind Matters Initiative and VN Futures expand training collaboration 0 (0)

2nd February 2023 Wendy Nevins 0

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Mind Matters Initiative (MMI) and VN Futures project are expanding their training collaboration to include self-compassion and anxiety workshops. MMI and VN […]