BVA News: British Veterinary Association responds to UK trade deal with Australia

British Veterinary Association responds to the UK trade deal with Australia.

BVA Senior Vice President James Russell said: “BVA has always maintained that animal health and welfare standards must be safeguarded when it comes to any new trade deals. Although the inclusion of a chapter on animal welfare and antibiotic resistance is a positive step, the UK offering tariff free access to products which do not meet our high standards of animal welfare is a grave concern and sets a very worrying precedent.

“It is vital that the Trade and Agriculture Commission is now given the time it needs to carefully scrutinise the free trade deal with Australia, and for Parliament to ensure that the UK’s hard-won reputation for high standards in animal health and welfare is neither undermined nor compromised. We need to protect the livelihoods of our farming communities as well as making sure that consumers in the UK can still access the high quality, high welfare produce that they deserve and expect.”

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