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Anaemia in dogs and cats: Where did all the red cells go?

6th September 2021 - 26th October 2021


This veterinary thought exchange online tutored course takes a more detailed look at the investigation and management of anaemia in dogs and cats.

Anaemia is the most common hematologic abnormality encountered in veterinary clinical practice and can be the cause of disease (e.g., immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia [IMHA]) or a marker of underlying disease (e.g., cancer, chronic kidney disease). We will discuss how to get the most information out of your blood smear and haematology as well as reviewing the most up to date way of treating anaemia, including IMHA. There is also a video webinar looking at the practical elements of bone marrow biopsy and transfusion medicine.

The course is run by our very own Scott Kilpatrick (EBVS and RCVS Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine). The course runs over an eight-week period and takes around 10 hours to complete. The course is delivered via video webinars and supplemented with discussion forums and live chats with the course tutor, giving you the opportunity to ask questions or discuss cases you may be facing in your practice.




Course Curriculum:

Lesson 1: Investigating Anaemia… the blood smear and beyond.

  • Learn about the most accessible in-house test… the blood smear!
  • Understand how to get the best out of your haematology… do we really care about MCV?
  • Review the other diagnostics that might complement what the blood is telling you.
Lesson 2: Regenerative Anaemia… when the bone marrow works.

  • Be confident in understanding the differential diagnosis for regenerative anaemia.
  • Consolidate your knowledge of bleeding disorders and when blood loss is the issue.
  • Understand some of the more unusual causes of haemolysis.
Lesson 3: What’s new in IMHA?

  • Learn about the most effective ways to diagnose IMHA.
  • Consolidate your knowledge on the pathophysiology of this disease.
  • Review the most recent treatment options… when the steroids don’t work
LIVE Q&A and Case Discussion Thursday 30th September 2021 (8-9pm GMT)

  • Your chance to discuss any cases you are struggling with.
  • We will bring along a few interesting cases too!
Lesson 4: Non-Regenerative Anaemia… the bone marrow’s broken.

  • Be confident in understanding the differential diagnosis for non-regenerative anaemia.
  • What is iron… and is it deficient?
  • Review the best treatment options for non-regenerative anaemia.
Lesson 5: Transfusion Therapy in Dogs and Cats

  • Learn about the components of transfusion therapy.
  • Consolidate your decision making on whether to transfuse or not.
  • Cat and dogs… are they that different?
Lesson 6: A Practical Guide to Blood Transfusions.

  • Review the differences in blood donation between cats and dogs.
  • Learn the most practical ways of donation and transfusion.
Lesson 7: A Practical Guide to Bone Marrow Biopsies

  • Feel confident in bone marrow biopsy techniques through this practical webinar.
LIVE Q&A and Case Discussion Thursday 28th October 2021 (8-9pm GMT)

  • Your chance to discuss any cases you are struggling with.
  • We will bring along a few interesting cases too!

Course Benefits:

  • Course written and delivered by Internal Medicine specialist.
  • Eight weeks access to video recorded tutor lessons and discussion forums.
  • Brilliant value for money – 10 hours certified CPD for only £150!
  • Learn without travelling or paying for accommodation, childcare or doggy care!
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you.
  • Watch the recordings on your iPad, mobile, PC or tablet.

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