It’s your turn to Stand Up and Speak Up!

It’s that time of the year again – Nominations for BVNA Council are open!

I have had such an amazing time since I joined BVNA Council in October 2016. I have represented the profession and held the position of President which was such an honour.  I have also gained so much personally – learnt so many new skills, grown as a person and made some lifelong friends (not told some of them yet though!)

It is a commitment – council meetings are held 6 times a year and then in-between we communicate via email and conference calls, reading and preparing reports and statements.  Council Meetings are held on Saturdays to try and alleviate the pressure on work commitments, but a supportive workplace is essential.

Would I do it all again? Definitely!  Would I recommend you apply? For sure!

There are 5 Full RVN seats and 2 Student seats available – you only have until 31st March to submit your application.

More information about how to stand for election can be found at the link below

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