So what do the VN Council actually do?

There was a recent post on one of the Vet Nurse facebook groups asking if anyone knew what the VN Council actually did.

A good question I thought – especially as I am one of the 6 Candidates hoping to get elected on to VN Council.

There is plenty on the RCVS website about the VN Council, see the link below

But one of the most clearest explanations I have read was made by Liz Cox in a reply to the facebook post.¬† I have copied Liz’s response below:

…. There are key parts to understand – the difference between BVNA council and RCVS . BVNA (and others) are membership organisations. Members choose to be part of the group, alongside many other benefits the groups are the “voice of the profession/ interest group” . In effect they can campaign / lobby your opinion. RCVS are the professional regulator- you have to be a member or associate to practice in the UK. VN council (VNC) set, advance and uphold veterinary nursing standards. So in real terms what do we do?- There is the education part, the college reviews and accredits institutions and awarding bodies.VNC will also have a member on most of the RCVS working parties, eg CPD review, exemption orders, sch3, practice standards, education committee right up to operation board. In addition we work with lots of outside bodies like Defra and the membership groups. Animal welfare is most certainly at the heart of everything we do- so when we look at sch3 or VN futures , its what would be the best for welfare. A VNC member is NOT a lone voice, ie like a union rep, they can not campaign on personal issues . We work with RCVS and use our experience and knowledge to help form opinion and direction. This is the reason that you hear from RCVS and not indivuals. My and I know the colleges biggest concern for VN’s is the lack of engagement. We run regional question times, VN futures roadshows, attend congress with associated workshops. Come and join in, get involved and tell us whats on your mind.

I would like to thank Liz for allowing me to use her answer.



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