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Enhancing the Euthanasia Experience Part 1: Helping with the Decision 1 Hr CPD

22nd August 2023 - 1st January 2025


Give Your Patients the Gentlest Goodbye. Euthanasia is a deeply personal, challenging part of our work. It’s a farewell that needs understanding, empathy, and skill.

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Give Your Patients the Gentlest Goodbye: Enhancing the Euthanasia Experience Part 1 ‘Helping with the Decision’ CPD Course for Veterinary Nurses.

Euthanasia is a deeply personal, challenging part of our work. It’s a farewell that needs understanding, empathy, and skill.

As veterinary nurses, we see the intense bond between pets and their owners daily. This bond becomes particularly poignant at the end of a pet’s life when a compassionate, respectful, and professional euthanasia process can significantly ease the distress of the pet and its owner.

If you’re a dedicated veterinary nurse looking to enhance your skills, deepen your understanding, and elevate your approach to this emotionally charged procedure, our “Enhancing the Euthanasia Experience,” Part 1 CPD course in partnership with Euthabag is tailor-made for you.


1. Empowerment through Knowledge: Delve into the science and ethics of euthanasia. This course will equip you with the most current knowledge.

2. Develop Emotional Intelligence: Gain a deeper understanding of pet owners’ emotional stages, how to navigate conversations about euthanasia, and how to provide empathetic support during this difficult time.

3. Skills and Techniques: Improve your technical skills and learn how to create a calm, dignified, and respectful environment for euthanasia.


What the family needs.

Communication skills for discussing euthanasia with pet owners.

Techniques for creating a serene and respectful euthanasia experience.

Quality of Life Scales

Adapting our Vocabulary.

What to bring to the appointment.

Kate Gerz from Euthabag designed and presented this bite-sized course, helping to support you whilst ensuring a comprehensive and empathetic approach to this challenging subject.


By choosing our “Enhancing the Euthanasia Experience” course, you are choosing to make a profound difference in the lives of your patients and their owners during their most vulnerable moments.

Remember, we are not just providing a service but guiding families through a delicate transition. Let’s honour their trust in us by offering the most compassionate care possible.





22nd August 2023
1st January 2025
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